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Stagnone Kitesurf School: Kite Courses

Sicily Kite School Stagnone Marsala

Stagnone Kitesurf Courses and School in Marsala the best kite spot in Sicily right in the center of the Kite Village: constant wind for 300 days a year, shallow and flat water like a board, the perfect ingredients to learn Kitesurfing in a few hours.

Sicily Kite School: Kitesurf school at the Stagnone of Marsala in Sicily: the European capital of Kite
learning to kitesurf with our courses has never been easier!

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less than an hour’s drive from Palermo and its airport and a few minutes from Trapani airport – Birgi: Sicily Kite School the historical Stagnone kite school

Stagnone lagoon: Flat and shallow water: the perfect location for your kitesurf school

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Success rate of our Kitesurf courses

We started kitesurfing at the stagnone at the turn of 2000, when we saw the first daredevils surfing the waves pushed by the wind.
We remember our smile printed on the face at the first edge or at the first jump a few centimeters high. The love for Kitesurfing and the Stagnone lagoon that hosts us still pushes us to transmit the passion for this sport to our students. Today Kitesurfing is safe and practicable by everyone. Kitesurf Stagnone is synonymous with SKS.

Kitesurf Stagnone: Courses, rental and lots of Kite

Kitesuf Stagnone is SKS! Come and find out why Lo Stagnone is the best kitesurf spot in Sicily and coveted by kiters from all over Europe. You will notice not only the magnificence of our lagoon, but with a simple kitesurfing course you will enter a parallel world with a different philosophy where you will find people who love sports and nature just like you!


Our Kitesurf school in the Stagnone uses Fiv IKO and Wdws certified Kite instructors to guarantee you the highest standards for learning Kitesurfing. Your first goal, the first rides on the board with only 6 hours of lessons!


If you are already a kiter you cannot say to kite if you do not know the Stagnone Kitesurf. The capital of Kitesurfing in Italy and Europe. A dream for its windy and flat waters.


The Kitesurf Courses at the Stagnone are suitable for everyone and for all levels. IKO Kitesurfing Courses recognized all over the world: at the end of your Kitesurfing course you will receive the IKO member Card which will certify your level!

Kitesurf stagnone is SKS: the Kite school n ┬░ 1

Kitesurf Stagnone or Stagnone Kitesurf, however you put it, in all possible declinations Sicily Kite School is an institution for thousands of enthusiasts who choose us every year for the quality of our services and return to kite in the waters of the lagoon between the mills and the salt flats. Not only a kite school with many services, but also a well-stocked shop to be able to buy technical equipment, Kite, Boards up to the latest streetwear lines of DaKine, Mistyc, Prolimit as well as being the official Eleveight Kites center.

kite stagnone

Kitesur Courses at lo Stagnone

Discover all the Kitesurf Courses dedicated to you, from beginners to intermediate and free style courses.

kite stagnone rosso

Stagnone kitesurf equipment rental

Leave your equipment at home and you will always have the Kite of the exact size for any weather situation

kite stagnone

Kite shop

Official Eleveight Kites, DaKine and Prolimit products.

kite stagnone rosso

Kite Repair

In partnership with Zenitram Sails

kite stagnone

Beach Assistants

For Kite Launch and Landing Assistance

kite stagnone rosso

Kite area with english lawn

Relax between sessions with hammocks and chaise longue in the shade of olive trees

Are you planning your Kite holiday in Sicily? contact us for your accommodation or your kitesurf rental

Learn Kitesurfing: , IKO, Fiv and VDWS Qualified instructors StagnoneI KO Center in Sicily

Sicily Kite School can boast a team of instructors among the most qualified in the world: every year we select new talents to be able to support them with the hard core of our team, technique and communication in addition to the IKO FIV and VDWS patents.

Our Kitesurf courses in fact follow the standard protocols of the IKO, “International Kitesurfing Organization”. A modular educational path that will allow you to learn Kitesurf safely and quickly.

The instructors of our Kitesurf school will be your guardian angels and will accompany you step by step along your learning path of this fantastic sport: patience, empathy and assertiveness are their best qualities.

scuola Kitesurf Stagnone

The courses of the Kitesurf school at the Stagnone

Our Kitesurf school will make your holiday in Sicily truly unique. The school’s Kitesurfing courses are for everyone: basic course for beginners who start from scratch, intermediate courses for kiters who want to refine their technique and advanced freestyle courses for kiters who need to take their technique to another level. In addition, the possibility of a kitesurf course in pairs with your partner or friend or family.

Services attached to the Kite such as Kite lawn area , relaxation areas, guarded and visible parking lots, a magnificent shop for your technical clothing and much more, what are you waiting for? Join Us!


From the 2021 season the opportunity to try and learn Wing Foil – Hydrofoil at Stagnone with our dedicated wing foil courses.
The Wing Foil courses at the Stagnone are dedicated to both beginners who have never done kitesurfing and more experienced kitesurf riders.

the 3 steps for your Kite holiday in Sicily

Sicily Kite School is an institution for thousands of enthusiasts who return every year to kite in the waters of the lagoon between the mills and the saline. In addition, a well-stocked shop to purchase technical equipment, kites, boards, the latest streetwear lines from DaKine, Mistyc etc

Book your flight to Trapani or Palermo airport with Easyjet Alitalia and Ryanair Or, you can arrive by car by embarking it from Civitavecchia, Genoa or Naples to Palermo or Trapani. Marsala is less than 1 hour’s drive from Palermo.

Kitesurf Stagnone
Send us an email to book your Kite course or your Kite rentals, it will allow us to optimize our work to offer you a more effective and more we’ll be able to give you the tips you need to book your accommodation at affordable rates as well
3, 2, 1 The countdown starts to visit us in Sicily! Our school, into Stagnone natural reserve, is located a few km from the highway and from the airports! are you ready to fly over waters with us?
kitesurf Sicily

The F.a.q. Kitesurf Stagnone to have all the information at your fingertips

The first time you approach the world of kitesurfing? Or plan for the first time a Kite Trip to the Stagnone (here a guide to the Stagnone lagoon). We have put together the classic questions – answers, the classic f.a.q. to better orient you! at any time you can contact us via whatsapp via the button at the bottom right of the page or use our contact form. Our team will answer you in a few minutes!

Kitesurf Stagnone: f.a.q.
All you need to know for your trip to Sicily

First time at the Stagnone?
March - December: the best months for the wind to kitesurf at the Stagnone

At the Stagnone the season begins in March until late December, spring and autumn are the windiest months, but in summer from June to October we have thermal winds (even not foreseen by the best apps) from 12 to 30 knots!
Impossible to say which is the best month for kitesurfing in the stagnone. Here is a link with the Wind Finder statistics month by month
You just have to book!

What differentiates us from other Kitesurfing schools in the Stagnone area?

The websites of the kitesurf schools are all the same and often hide the “catches”.
Would you run the risk of booking in a kitesurf school without a bathroom? Without a bar or the minimum essential services? So we will not tell you that we are the historical school at the Stagnone, in the center of the Kite Village, but the one you can trust to have a perfect Kitesurfing holiday.

Can i start a kitesurf course alone?

You can’t, you must! Our Kitesurf courses at the Stagnone are 1 o 1 with your instructor, plus dozens of boys and girls from all over Europe arrive alone and build solid friendships in a very short time! Here the atmosphere is magical.


A swimsuit, a sunscreen, a beach towel and a pair of flip flops is all you need to start your Kite course

If you want to rent a Kitesurf
what do you need to rent kitesurf equipment at the stagnone?

As in all IKO Kitesurf schools, although Kitesurfing in the Stagnone is easier than elsewhere because the water is so shallow that you can touch the bottom, for the rental of your Kitesurf you will need to be able to go upwind and be able to carry out self rescue.

what materials do you have?

Sicily Kite School is the Italian distributor of Eleveight Kite: you will always find new and updated equipment.

what services do you offer with the Stagnone Kitesurf rental?

In addition to having a shop, toilets, bars, restaurants etc, by booking a kitesurf rental, you will have a guarded parking a few meters away for your car, compressors on the beach to inflate the kite, the beach boys to help you in launching operations. and kitesurf landing and well-kept relaxation areas with shade and lawn.

And if you don't want to rent the Kitesurf you can send us your Kite equipment

Contact us, we will give you the tips to send us all your kite equipment in advance at convenient prices: agreements with express couriers.
Eliminate clumsy trips with your Kite bag. Eliminate the risk of lost baggage at the airport.

general informations
is there a beach for my friends or family who don't kitesurf?

At the Kite Village your family will certainly not be bored: there are many relaxation points and kiosks for sunbathing, sipping a coffee or a cocktail, but if you want a beach, San Teodoro is only a few minutes away, you will have both free spaces and equipped beaches.

no wind activity stagnone

in the remote hypothesis that at the stagnone there is not enough wind for kitesurfing sessions or kite courses, you can book a yoga lesson, bike paths along the lagoon and the stagnone cycle path, enjoy the nearby beach or take advantage of the location Marsala logistics to explore the surroundings: Egadi islands, San Vito lo Capo, the Zingaro reserve, etc.

book a Kite residence, hotel, Bed Breakfast at the Stagnone

The Residence Santa Maria is right at the kite village 10 meters from our Kitesurf school, you can book with us at discounted prices, saving compared to Booking. Feel free to contact us if you need some advice on the best Brekfast allo Stagnone bed near the Kitesurf area

Do I need to rent a car at the Stagnone?

The answer is it depends, remember that the Stagnone is a 10-minute drive from the center of Marsala.
If you come for a weekend in full immersion of kitesurfing, you can also not rent a car, the accommodations are located right on the spot, in addition there are restaurants and kiosks bars for lunches, dinners and aperitifs, a microcosm in which you will not need anything.
But if you want your kitesurfing holiday to be perfect, reach the center of Marsala for its outdoor restaurants in the pedestrianized historic center, then our advice is to rent a car.


Kite School & Kite Courses in Stagnone

sicily kite school Stagnone

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