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Fast Kite Course

The course is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of kitesurfing.
Thanks to this course you will discover the basics of kitesurfing: from theory to first control.
An intense hour in which you will discover how to set a kite and to control it by going directly into the water.
An istructor next to you will teach you how to fly a kite

Wing Foil

Basic Kitesurf Course

Kitesurf course has a duration of 5 hours of which 1 hour of theory and 4 hours of practice in the water and is divided into 2-3 lessons on average (ad hoc formula for the weekend). by the end of the kite course the student will be able to manage in safety kite and approach to first rides with the board.

Kitesurf courses follow IKO and WDVS methodology. You will be followed step by step by our instructors in the shallow and calm waters of the Stagnoneuntil your first rides . On the ground the heads of the school, our instructors in addition to our beach boys will coordinate the courses and will be generous with advice to help you get to the complete autonomy of the Kitesurf

Kite course schedule:
rules and regulations, meteorology, safety systems, Right of way, preparation, terminology and equipment assembly, self-rescue. Kite Controlwith short lines, relaunching the kite from the water Body Drag; Body Drag Upwind; Power Stroke.
Preparatory exercises for starting with the board (Water Start).
Waterstart attempts with the board with the first rides.

Kitesurfing couple course

The report will be: 2 students an instructor

The course includes one hour of theory and 5 hours of practice in water, the course program will be the same as the individual one.

Lessons per hour

It is also possible to request additional private course hours during which to refine the learned techniques.

Have you already taken a Kite course? pick up where you left off

You can’t say to Kitesurf if you’ve never been to the Stagnone. Take advantage of the perfect conditions to learn by “giving yourself” a lesson, you will be surprised on how quickly you will progress.

body drag
Body Drag

Learn to move in the water with the use of the gear. Essential maneuver in high water to recover the board

Water start Kitesurf

Cross and delight of the newbie At Stagnone the particularly low water will help you recover the board. You will waste less time than elsewhere that’s why you will learn faster.


Did you take a kite course many years ago and want to brush up on your skills before moving on? Our instructors will bring you back to your previous technical level in a very short time! Do not be afraid it is not in our interest to keep you firm on the skills you have already acquired, rather a quick refresh that will help you progress in momentum

Kitesurf salto

In no time you can give your technical skills the boost you were looking for! Learn to jump kitesurf with one of our lessons.
Hey … pssss !!! do you already know that pop is crucial?

Kitesurf Course Stagnone
Upwind Riding

Are you tired of grinding Kilometers on foot to go back to where you started? the fateful “walk of shame” is on the clock

Freestyle tricks

Still not tired of the chashes? Do not be stubborn, as usual you are making a small mistake that prevents you from progressing. A lesson with one of our instructors will make you roar like a lion!

Kitesurf courses for all levels

We know, have you already attended a kite course and were disappointed with the result, or have you interrupted the course due to lack of time or wind? You are in the right place! our school kite instructors will adapt to your level for a rapid progression in your skills!

Our Courses Features

Have you perfected upwind riding and are you an independent kiter? It’s time to change shift: with our instructors you will have the opportunity to focus on Jumps with single lessons of 1h, first tricks like backroll, frontroll and the first unhooked tricks like raileys, blind judge etc. Do not waste time and use the Stagnone as a training gym: after the lesson you will have plenty of time to try and try again to progress to the level you want. You can also Rent Kitesurf Equipment

The tricks you can learn

Kite as you know is a continuous learning, never give up! In the first advanced Kite lessons you will be able to learn Pop: the basics of jumps and freestyle, and other small tricks that always make an awesome Kiter.

Lessons with Radio

All courses and lessons at every level of our school take place via radio inserted in the helmet, (the wind and the sound of the sea are usually glaring interference) The instructors will then be able to correct you in real time thus making the lesson more productive and effective .

Instructors centimeters away from you

Despite the use of radios for instructor-student communication, instructors will always be in the water only a few centimeters from you hat’s right: they will follow you walking in the water (given the shallow waters) next to you to always guarantee maximum safety during all phases of the lessons

The SKS Instructor Team


ll our Instructors are IKO FIV and WDWS certified, they have years of experience behind them to guarantee maximum safety in the water and a unique teaching method that will allow you to learn Kitesurf in a few hours.

Alessio is one of the souls of Sicily Kite School, in the team for over 10 years

Alessio Alferoni

Italian - English

Simone one of the natural talents for teaching Kitesurf

Simone Barsalona

Italian - English

A “Nordic” adopted by Stagnone, Filippo is technical and cheerful

Filippo Strambi Ferrini

Italian - English - French

The F.a.q. on Kitesurf courses at Stagnone

at the end of the basic course what level will I have reached?

Learning to Kitesurf at the Stagnone is simpler than elsewhere: the very fact of always touching and not having to swim makes things simpler also from a psychological point of view.
With the experience gained over many years we can say that, however simple it is to learn, the final result also depends on the personal attitude to sports that is different in each of us.

Having made these necessary premises, you always arrive at the start with the board and in a good percentage even at the first rides independently.

If the wind is not enough to finish the course?

In this case you will pay for the hours of lessons you have taken

What should I bring with me for a Kite course?

A swimsuit, a sunscreen, a beach towel and a pair of flip flops is all you need to start your Kite course

After the basic course, can I rent the equipment?

The minimum level required to rent equipment is upwind riding and self rescue. As a rule, very few people reach that level of independence after the basic course. It usually takes a few extra hours of lessons.

Do the 6 hours of the basic course take place in one day?

We have seen everything, even people so keen on kites that they finish 6 hours in one day. But excluding the exaggerations, you need to know that the lesson hours are modular, you can decide, once here, depending on the wind how many hours lesson per day, normally you maximize learning with 2-3 hours of lessons per day

will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, of course! After the last hour of class, you will have the IKO card, which will certify your skills in an international language understood and accepted all over the world. You can therefore continue your lessons elsewhere simply by showing your card or if you have reached the required level, rent in comfort.
Also available the WDWS card


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