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less than an hour’s drive from Palermo and its airport and a few minutes from Trapani airport – Birgi: Sicily Kite School the historical Stagnone kite school

Lo Stagnone, the most attended lagoon by Kiters in Europe

Our Kite Spot in Sicily, in the Oriented Natural Reserve of the Stagnone di Marsala, is one of the world’s Kite paradises, Lo Stagnone now synonymous with Kitesurf Stagnone is characterized by shallow waters, constant wind and breathtaking scenery.
Stagnone is a huge lagoon with an average depth of about one meter open to the sea in just two points, making it ideal for learning and practicing kitesurfing in total safety.

Guide to the Stagnone

Whether you arrive for the first time at the Stagnone or you are a regular visitor to our – your lagoon, do not miss this guide to the use of the Stagnone. A unique place, a magical setting, a nature reserve that must be protected.

Wind days / year

Thermal wind systems

Medium depth centimeters


What is Lo Stagnone

Included between Capo Boeo and the Birgi peninsula, it is characterized by shallow waters of 1 to 2 meters and in some places no more than 20-30 cm, it includes the Stagnone Islands and is part of the “Isole dello Marsala stagnone “.

The lagoon was formed in relatively recent times (it did not exist at the time of the Phoenician colonization of Mozia) following the movements of the sand due to the underwater currents. This caused the closure of a part of the sea that was originally open and therefore, as there are no currents necessary for replacement, the water has become more stagnant, with a temperature above normal.

The main activity in the Stagnone was salt pans by evaporating the water channeled into special ponds, to then collect the salt. The pumping of the water and the grinding of the salt were carried out by windmills, some now restored and functioning

Stagnone and the wind

Stagnone Winds: disturbances in winter and thermal in summer

The Stagnone lagoon can count on disturbing winds in winter and on 2 opposite thermal wind systems in high season, often even in spite of the forecasts of the most popular apps such as WindFinder or Windy.


The Wind From November to March

Stagnone Lagoon In the low season, from November to March, delights us with only disturbing winds (don’t be fooled by the fact that you are in Sicily, here the wind blows !!!).

The predominant direction is always Mistral (NW) but Scirocco give us sequences of 3/4 days of wind, sometimes even around 30-40 knots, extreme conditions that delight the most technical and prepared kiter



Wind days / year

The thermal wind From April to October

We describe the classic situation: Arrived at Stagnone and continue to check the wind forecast apps waiting for the situation to change.

Well, if the wind comes from the north, you can expect the thermal. Usually it departs in the sunniest hours around 12-14 pm. With an average intensity that varies from 12 to 22 knots, while you have fun in the water you can observe the typical sign loved by all the local kiters: the hat of clouds on the top of Mount Erice.

In the last ten years a similar situation has occurred when in conditions of total flat calm the wind comes from SW, the classic libeccio: also on this occasion the thermal from the South can reach 20-25 knots of intensity



activities without wind in the stagnone and surroundings

Lo Stagnone is one of the windiest spots in Italy, but if you have the misfortune to find 1 or 2 days of total dryness there are numerous alternative activities: to learn more: Windless activities at the Stagnone



Relax after the kite session

After your kite sessions, you will also have the sacred right to take a break with your friends …

Inside the Kite Village there are bars and kiosks that organize aperitifs at sunset and live music with thick DJs. All within a few hundred meters of each other, however, will have different styles and settings: The Incanto Restaurant, as well as the Kiosk Le Vie del Vento or Il Pe hai Beach Club

With a Kite holiday at the Sicily Kite School you won’t even need to rent a vehicle: everything at your fingertips!


Nice to Know Tip: for the uninitiated, a few minutes of Kite from our school you can reach the open sea, the beach of San Teodoro and have fun with the waves

Kite aperitifs at sunset

Enjoy our magnificent sunsets full of fun: you will meet dozens of people who love Kite like you!

Santa Maria Restaurant

Le Vie del Vento

Pe’ Hai Beach Club

The sunset of the Stagnone

best stagnone restaurants

The Best Restaurants in the Stagnone

Confess! you have also come to Sicily for Sicilian cuisine and pastry, and here you are satisfied with a list of must-sees for your palate

Where to eat in the Stagnone and surroundings

1.Santa MAria Restaurant Lounge

Directly on the spot a few meters from the water the restaurant to taste the typical Sicilian delights

2. Ristorante bar saro

a few minutes from the Kite Village Saro is one of the most popular bars in town, you can’t miss cannoli and arancine filled with fish.

3. Le caserie

A charming location and a unique refinement: the traditional flavors of the cuisine of the province of Trapani reworked in a modern key

4. 48

A Trattoria to eat excellent quality fish with excellent value for money

typical marsala dishes

Gallery Stagnone Kitesurf


Kite School & Kite Courses in Stagnone

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