Safety Tool

Comprehensive insurance (damage to rental equipment)

  • Comprehensive insurance – Insured is damage or destruction of windsurf, kitesurf, snowkite, wave suf and SUP equipment, sailingboats/catamarans or motor boats up to 45 kw (60 HP) of up to 15 meters in length that have been rented from a commercial renter or provided as part of an all-inclusive holiday, used exclusively for private purposes. The insurance sum is € 1,500 per insurance year.
    Deliberate damage is excluded, as are damages caused by theft and loss.
    Deductible (excess) per incident: generally € 50, sailing/motor boat € 100.
  • Third-party liability insurance – Insured sum € 3,000,000 lump for physical injury/property damage. Insured is the third party liability of the applicant for the sports listed below. This insurance covers only private use.
  • Civic responsability coverage – € 16.000 disability (children € 21.000), 3.000 € in the event of death, 5.000 € recovery costs/ rescue, € 6 a day for general hospital costs + recovery 2.500 € and help care.
  • Valid world wide – Due to applicable Swiss bylaws, insurance protection through third party insurance cover is not valid for Swiss citizens in Switzerland. Swiss insurants do however have third party insurance cover where this is taken out exclusively for validity outside Switzerland, e.g. for travelling.

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