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Learn Wing Foil in a few hours

he course is designed for beginners who want to learn the rudiments of Wing foil from scratch or for those who already do Kitesurf and want to try their hand at this new discipline.
Thanks to the Wing Foil course at Lo Stagnone, you will discover the foundations of the discipline starting to savor its charm.
A course in which you will discover the physical laws and the main theoretical elements that underlie the Wing Foil.

Wing Foil

Wing Foil and hydrofoil courses with little wind

You can also combine the wing foil course with your Kitesurf course at the Stagnone!
If in your holiday at the stagnone you find a day with little wind you could try this magnificent discipline!

HydroFoil course at the stagnone

If you want to experience the thrill of gliding one meter from the water, this is the course for you. You will learn to glide with a hydrofoil and the basic techniques (tack, jibe, etc) in total safety. The course is aimed at experienced riders who have a good command of the use of the surfboard.
Hydrofoil stagnone

The quality of our courses

Thanks to Sicily Kite School I would easily learn any discipline you choose, the choice of materials used (the very first phases of the wing foil course will be on a sup if you are a beginner) and the technical caliber of our instructors are our winning weapon.

The tricks you can learn

The Wing Foil as you know is a continuous learning, never give up! In the first advanced Wing Foil lessons you will be able to learn tacking and jibing and become autonomous in hours!

Lessons with Radio

All courses and lessons at every level of our school take place via radio inserted in the helmet, (the wind and the sound of the sea are usually glaring interference) The instructors will then be able to correct you in real time thus making the lesson more productive and effective .

Instructors centimeters away from you

Despite the use of radios for instructor-student communication, instructors will always be in the water only a few centimeters from you hat’s right: they will follow you walking in the water (given the shallow waters) next to you to always guarantee maximum safety during all phases of the lessons

The SKS Instructor Team


ll our Instructors are IKO FIV and WDWS certified, they have years of experience behind them to guarantee maximum safety in the water and a unique teaching method that will allow you to learn Kitesurf in a few hours.

Alessio is one of the souls of Sicily Kite School, in the team for over 10 years

Alessio Alferoni

Italian - English

Simone one of the natural talents for teaching Kitesurf

Simone Barsalona

Italian - English

A “Nordic” adopted by Stagnone, Filippo is technical and cheerful

Filippo Strambi Ferrini

Italian - English - French


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